The MJUNIT Series of belt driven linear guides offers a number of profile sizes with multiple design configurations to meet different requirements. The linear guideway body consists of an anodized aluminum housing with a Chrome steel GCr15 shaft. Internally, there is a profile rail with shaft of low friction, noise and vibration.


The mission of MJUNIT Linear modules is to deliver a wide range of high-quality motion control systems to meet any application need. Designed for easy configuration to make a complete motion system - from miniature precision for life sciences to heavy factory equipment - we are the place to go. MJUNIT rails are available in multiple configurations; These belt-drive stages are easy to integrate into tight machine envelopes. MJUNIT assemblies can do scanning, indexing and positioning, moving sensors, antennas, cameras, measure distance, also in aerospace, automation, commercial, even photography time-lapse device, laser cutting machine, glue dispenser, 3D printer, scanner, factory conveyor, laser engraving machine, cutting machine, etc, which is involved in machine design applications across all industries including plant assembly, packaging design, transportation, manufacturing, medical device development.


Special Properties:

*Compact size


*High rigidity

*High speed


*Standard Off-the-Shelf Availability

*High Performance, Low Cost

*Limitless Scalability

*Multiple Carriages and Axes

*Quick Delivery

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